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Spring: A New You!

Spring is here! Do you know what this means?

It means new life! Spring is a time of Phenomenal renewal. It is a time when mother Earth awakens from her restful slumber and just explodes with new life! This is a really refreshing time for us here at Dentures Plus Lenexa because it is a reminder of how we should be living our lives to the absolute fullest.

Are you hiding something behind that smile? Do you need a nice deep cleaning? Or are you worried about some missing teeth? It’s time to love the skin you’re in and smile with style!

Taking care of our smile is very important in life. There are studies that show that our smile and our facial structure impact our well being naturally. If something is bothering us, our self- esteem is lower, which isn't good for our health, is it? Absolutely not. So let’s stay on top of our health together. Even if you let your cleaning go for a while, or you are feeling ashamed of your dental health, there’s nothing to worry about. Our team at Dental Plus Lenexa is on your side and cheering you on. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

This is the time to evaluate yourself. Be it dental implants or dentures, a nice fresh cleaning, perio maintenance, consultation... Give us a call to schedule your appointment! If you are wanting something new and fresh, then we will find what’s perfectly right just for you!

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