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Dentures Plus Lenexa: Technical Excellence Combined with Gentle Care and the Small-Town Touch

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Conveniently located in Lenexa’s business district right off I-435, Dentures Plus Lenexa is the first choice for comprehensive dental care services, for adults aged 18 and older, in the greater Kansas City area. By offering high-quality services at lower prices than competing dental practices, Dentures Plus Lenexa has become a “one-stop shop” for adult dental care in Johnson County and its surroundings.

Our centrally located modern office features an on-site lab for fabricating dentures and implants, so you won’t have to experience the long wait times associated with out-of-town or out-of-state manufactures. Convenient to major local roadways and close to downtown retail areas, Dentures Plus Lenexa is easy to find, and incorporating a dental visit into your daily schedule is never a problem.

Your oral health and comfort are always our main concern. At Dentures Plus Lenexa, your smile is worthwhile!

Who We Are

Many people have childhood memories of dentist visits as unhappy and perhaps painful events. That’s not the case at Dentures Plus Lenexa. As a family-owned private practice offering high-quality services, we work diligently to ensure that your dental care is accomplished skillfully and with compassion. Dr. Jeremy Knewtson, DDS stays updated on the latest advancements in dentistry, allowing him to provide patients with the most current treatment options. Every patient is a unique individual, so every patient’s care is tailored to his or her particular oral health needs.

What We Offer

Teeth fail sometimes. They can be injured in accidents or damaged/stained by food and drink. Medical issues and abnormalities can compromise the proper function of teeth and movement of the jaws. Your teeth are subject to the smallest of attackers – the bacteria that cause cavities – and, even though tooth enamel is one of the hardest known natural substances, teeth are still worn down by the simple wear and tear that a person experiences over a lifetime of usage.

The good news is that skilled dentistry techniques can replace or restore lost strength and function. We focus on the techniques that bring your teeth back to 100% functionality. Our priority, whenever possible, is to protect and preserve your natural teeth.

Dentures Plus Lenexa includes 3-D imaging in all implant services at no additional charge. This service often costs up to $400 at competing dentists. We do this before serving any patient to ensure that each patient receives absolutely the best care available, targeted to his or her specific dental needs.

All standard dental care practices are performed at Dentures Plus Lenexa. These include a comprehensive exam with panoramic x-rays, cleanings, composite fillings, crowns, and wisdom tooth extractions. Our primary focus, of course, is on quality dentures and implants.

An implant is an artificial tooth, anchored in the bone of your jaw, to replace a tooth that’s missing. Implants restore lost function while helping to stimulate the bone and reducing shrinkage of gum tissue. A quality implant looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth. Dr. Knewtson will perform a comprehensive exam of your jaw and gums to determine if you are a good candidate for implants. He will look for sufficient bone tissue for implant placement, good overall oral health, healthy gum tissue, and absence of any health complications that may have a negative impact on the success of an implant. Quality implants will restore proper tooth function and can even have a positive effect on your self-image.

Dentures are a prosthetic appliance created to restore appearance and function when the patient has a more extensive loss of teeth and oral tissues. Properly made and custom-fitted dentures have a wide range of positive effects; they enhance your smile and improve speech, chewing, and digestion.

Our office exclusively uses top-quality teeth from Kulzer in the fabrication of all our dentures. Kulzer teeth are created with an injection and compression manufacturing method that ensures void-free, reliable quality. Kulzer teeth are digitally produced for functional precision. The artificial teeth in your denture appliance will be custom-shaped and shaded to closely match your own natural teeth.

The state-of-the-art equipment in our on-site lab allows us to manufacture same-day dentures for our patients. All dentures crafted at Dentures Plus Lenexa are warrantied against breakage or tooth loss, with normal wear and tear, during the period of the denture warranty. Our most economically priced dentures have a three-year warranty.

Patient Engagement and Education

Because bone and tissue change over time, your jaw and your dentures will require periodic examination to see if any alterations or improvements are needed. Whether you receive an implant or a denture appliance, the doctor and staff at Dentures Plus Lenexa will provide you with extensive and detailed instructions for proper home care. Just like natural teeth, your new artificial teeth must be cared for and checked regularly. Additionally, the doctor and staff will provide you some “best practices” to properly adjust to and obtain the most satisfaction from your new teeth.

Dentures Plus Lenexa will be periodically publishing articles of interest to our patients. We plan to keep you informed of new services that become available, as well as new advancements in dental technology that may help to improve the health and function of your teeth. Of course, we are always available to answer patient questions and to give custom instruction regarding your unique dental work, to ensure that you always have the best functionality and comfort.

Getting Started with Dentures Plus Lenexa

We accept most insurance plans. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions and to check your insurance coverage to resolve any issues. To save time on your dental visit, you can conveniently fill out patient paperwork ahead of time by using the links on our website.

Because your dental health shouldn’t have to wait, Dentures Plus Lenexa partners with CareCredit and Wells Fargo Health Advantage® to offer our patients financing options. Contact information for financing can be accessed via our website (

Dentures Plus Lenexa looks forward to servicing your dental, denture, and implant needs! Whether you’re a new patient, seeking to get a dental problem fixed, or an existing patient who is experiencing an issue with dentures or implants, we’re here to help. Please stop into our office at 8630 Maurer Road in Lenexa or call us today at 913-227-0466.

At Dentures Plus Lenexa, your health comes first – period. For the best dental, denture, and implant service in the Kansas City area, contact us today!

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