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background image of Dentures Plus Lenexa spacious dental bay

We love our patients! We work hard to keep a happy family atmosphere at Dentures Plus because we can pass the good energy to everyone who comes through our door. No one wants grumpy people working in their mouth! 

Image of Dr. Jeremy Knewtson, DDS and the Dentures Plus Lenexa friendly team

Our Family Serving Your Family

We chose to build Dentures Plus in Lenexa because we love being a part of the community in Johnson County. There was clearly a need for more private dental practices with an in-house dental lab focused on the highest quality of care at honest prices. We're proud of the culture we've created at Dentures Plus and invite you to come to us with your dentures, implants, or general dental needs!

~ Dr. Jeremy & Sharon Knewtson

Image of Dr. Jeremy Knewtson, DDS and wife Sharon Knewson owners of Dentures Plus Lenexa

Dedicated. Caring.

Image of Monica Salmon Dentures Plus Lenexa


business development 
dental assistant

Image of Caleb Dentures Plus Lenexa


lab manager



lab technician

Image of Gretchen dental hygienist at Dentures Plus Lenexa


dental hygienist

Image of Siena Dentures Plus Lenexa


dental assistant

Image of Elizabeth Dentures Plus Lenexa


dental assistant

Image of Lauren Lee Dentures Plus Lenexa


dental hygienist

Image of icecream outing with Dentures Plus Lenexa friendly team

Oh...and we love
ice cream!

We can't wait to meet you!

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