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Increasing Chewing Power for Denture Wearers

Both dentures and implants can improve a patient’s ability to chew, but the two methodologies are not interchangeable. A denture is primarily an esthetic prosthesis, providing 10% to 30% of the chewing power of natural teeth. Adding implants to the equation can greatly increase denture effectiveness. “For a denture wearer, chewing ability is dependent on several factors,” says Dr. Jeremy Knewtson, DDS, “but the primary factor is denture stability. The quality of the denture, while important for durability and appearance, is not a major factor in facilitating chewing.”

Denture wearers are accustomed to having difficulties (occasional or frequent) with keeping their dentures in place, which can affect both eating and speaking. For these patients, denture stabilization improves the efficiency of eating, thus enhancing the dining experience.

How Are Dentures Stabilized

An implant is designed to replace a tooth with an artificial structure that duplicates the original tooth’s appearance and function. Denture stabilization involves a similar type of implant process; however, these implants secure the entire denture apparatus, rather than replacing individual teeth. In this procedure, a series of titanium implants are placed into the jawbone, and the denture itself is modified to be affixed to these implants. The denture can be removed for cleaning and maintenance; it can also be modified in the future or replaced as needed.

According to Dr. Jeremy Knewtson, DDS, more implants give more stability. “A pair of implants can stabilize a denture so that it will not shift during speech,” he says, “and four will stabilize it for chewing. Six implants, however, will provide noticeable improvement in chewing power and function.” With the higher number of implants stabilizing each denture, a patient’s chewing ability can be restored to 50% to 75% of the chewing ability of natural dentition.

Other Practices to Increase Chewing Power for Denture Wearers

Denture wearers have long had to adapt their eating habits to adjust to life with dentures. These same practices are helpful for patients who have received denture-stabilizing implants. Among these practices, patients should consider the following factors:

  • Take your time. Don’t stress your dentures or your jaw muscles by trying to speed through your meal.

  • Avoid eating sticky foods. Anything that pulls on your denture can cause problems or discomfort.

  • Food choice and preparation. Smaller bites/portions and softer consistencies (e.g., steamed vegetables, tender meats, etc.) will make dining easier for you.

  • Maintain your denture. Keeping the denture clean is important. Time spent cleaning also gives you an opportunity to inspect the denture for any noticeable damage.

Let Your Doctor Help Increase Your Chewing Power

Dr. Jeremy Knewtson, DDS, is committed to giving the same high attention to detail to each patient, ensuring a custom fit that is comfortable, durable, and long-lasting. To derive the maximum efficiency while eating with dentures, talk to your doctor about denture stabilization. The team at Dentures Plus Lenexa stands ready to increase your chewing power!

We accept most insurance plans. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions and to check your insurance coverage to resolve any issues. To save time on your dental visit, you can conveniently fill out patient paperwork ahead of time by using the links on our website. Because your dental health shouldn’t have to wait, Dentures Plus Lenexa partners with CareCredit to offer our patients financing options. Contact information for financing can be accessed via our website.

Dentures Plus Lenexa looks forward to servicing your dental, denture, and implant needs! Whether you’re a new resident in Johnson County, seeking to get a dental problem fixed, or an existing patient who is experiencing an issue with dentures or implants, we’re here to help. Please stop into our office at 8630 Maurer Road in Lenexa or call us today at 913-227-0466. At Dentures Plus Lenexa, your health comes first – period. For the best dental, denture, and implant service in the Kansas City area, contact us today!

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