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Do You Really Know How to Clean Your Teeth?

Dental Hygiene Part 1: Dental Practices

Here at Dentures Plus Lenexa always, we’re always ready to do what it takes to alleviate your pain and correct problems with your teeth! Every dental professional, though, will advise that consistent, quality dental hygiene is the most important aspect of caring for your teeth; good hygiene habits and practices can obviate the need for potentially extensive – and expensive – dental restoration work.

Let’s talk about the practices you should be incorporating on a daily basis. Although there are some differences of opinion, most dental organizations agree on several basic practices.

Brush regularly and do it properly. You’re probably thinking, “oh that’s common sense and everybody knows that.” But if this is so, then why do dentists need to keep reminding patients?

When you brush, never use a back-and-forth motion; the most commonly recommended methods are up-and-down movement or gentle circular motions. Brushing should be neither too aggressive nor negligently quick. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, yet repeated aggressive brushing can cause enamel wear and contribute to tooth sensitivity and gum recession. Brush after each meal and before going to bed.

Use the correct toothbrush. At every dentist visit, your doctor usually provides a soft-bristled brush and advises you to use only soft bristles.

If, for some reason, you feel that you’re unable to master proper brushing technique, don’t be embarrassed to talk to your dentist about it. He or she can give you instruction or possibly recommend an electric toothbrush that operates to mimic proper technique.

Clean your brush and replace it regularly. After each brushing, use your finger to clean debris from your brush under running water. Toothbrushes should be replaced every couple of months; many brushes come with colored bristles that fade with use, visually showing you when to replace the brush. Never share your toothbrush with another person.

Floss. Just do it. Many people don’t floss for a variety of reasons: “it’s too complicated,” or “I can’t do it right,” and so forth. Nowadays, though, there are no excuses for not flossing. It’s much too convenient. There are single-use, short-length floss picks that are easily portable, so you can take them to work, on trips, etc. Drugstores and supermarkets sell handheld, reusable flossers with multi-packs of disposable floss head elements; these devices have handles of the proper length and angle that enable you to reach even the back teeth with ease.

Flossing isn’t only for reaching particles of stuck food. Regular floss use reduces plaque, stimulates the gums, and helps to displace germs from your mouth. Even if you can’t floss after every meal, try to floss at least once each day, and you’ll still reap benefits.

Drink more water and reduce intake of sugary or acidic foods and beverages.

Many people don’t think of this when considering oral care, as this is more of a dietary change than a dental one. Acidic foods/drinks can contribute, over time, to enamel erosion; excessive sugar intake helps to feed the bacteria that cause dental caries (cavities). Water — nature’s lubricant and the universal solvent — is the easiest and most inexpensive way to flush these substances from your mouth after meals.

Water’s benefits to your mouth don’t stop there. Staying well-hydrated is an excellent preventive weapon against dental problems. Dry mouth, caused when your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva, creates a favorable environment for the bacteria that cause damage to your teeth. Additionally, dry gum tissue contributes to recession, which can lead to gingivitis.

Stay tuned for more hygiene tips from us at Dentures Plus Lenexa!

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