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Can I Eat Candy with Dentures?

Wearing dentures can be a little different for new wearers. In fact, even the pros have to remind themselves from time to time to take proper care of those precious teeth. With the holidays in full swing, don’t let yourself get spooked about eating your favorite food or candy. A little knowledge can go a long way. Yes, dentures are very important and require lots of attention but don't let them overwhelm you or ruin your vibe! Take control and read on...

At Dentures Plus Lenexa, we want you to feel confident knowing that you’re wearing the premier dentures in Johnson County. And we’ve got you covered! Now grab a comfy seat, and let’s talk about what sweets you can eat! Keep in mind -- it is really not recommended to eat tons of candies and sweets with your dentures, partial or full. This is because the sugars can start building up harmful residue if you’re not careful. You obviously can't get cavities in dentures, but you still need to treat them well

  • Avoid candies that are sticky such as holiday favorites like caramels, gummy worms, peppermints, candy apples, tootsie rolls and those super sticky homemade taffies! Not only are they hard to chew, but tiny particles of candy residue could get caught on the upper part of the denture, disengaging the suction with the roof of your mouth causing slippage.

  • Avoid hard little candies and snacks like popcorn balls that might shatter into small pieces and lodge themselves deep in between the denture and gum. Not only is it painful, but can cause serious irritation. If you're eating a larger piece of any food though, remember to break it down smaller first if you can.

  • Work away chewing your food on both sides of your mouth at the same time. Biting down on only one side of your mouth could dislodge the denture, or over a period of time lead to sore spots on the gum. Also, you can bite the food using the side teeth and use your tongue to bring food to the back of your mouth. Chew thoroughly and slowly before you swallow. It sounds like a lot of work but over time, you’ll get into your groove and it will be a very normal way of life!

Back to discussing treats. Now -- this doesn’t mean you should go and just swear off ALL candy. No way! What is life without a treat, right?

Did you know eating candy with a meal is better than eating candy on it’s own? That's simply because there's more saliva production which helps keep the sugar exposure off of your teeth. Remember to drink water often with your dentures especially if you're eating candy separately from a meal.

If you need that delicious bite of chewy candy, stick to softer dark chocolate without toffee, nuts, or hard fruit pieces inside.

Here's a fun fact: The Australian Dental Journal and other publications discuss how cocoa beans are rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins. All three of these antioxidants benefit your teeth and oral health. The higher the cocoa the better. 70% and higher are the best types of beneficial chocolate.

Pretty neat, right? According to recent research, compounds found in cocoa beans also have an antibacterial effect that also helps fight plaque on natural teeth.

Trying to stay off the sweets? Sugarless gum helps fight these sweet cravings. Chewing gum will increase saliva production to help moisten your mouth, which helps avoid loose dentures, irritations, sores and possibly infections. There are even newer types of gum that are soft and made specifically for dentures. There are two main reasons chewing gum can be beneficial for denture wearers:

• It helps practice chewing and biting.

• It reduces the risk of developing dry mouth by stimulating the production of saliva.

Adjusting to dentures could take time, but implant stabilized dentures can help you feel more confident with your food choices. Dental implants expand your dental treatment options by helping you to restore your dental health, chewing ability, and your smile too!

The best part is you won't have to go looking outside the Kansas City area because we're right here as the premier provider of dentures and implants in Johnson County, KS. Dr. Jeremy Knewtson and our staff are reliable, experienced, and ready to help get you smiling with our state-of-the-art, affordable, long lasting dentures and implants.

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