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Dentures: Services & Pricing

Your Comfort. Your Smile.

Replacement Denture, Single Arch: $400 and up                                             

Full Set: $800 and up 

For first-time denture wearers

Immediate Denture, Single Arch: $850 and up*

Full Set: $1700 and up*

Extractions with Dentures: $95 and up**

*Immediate Care Package: $400 per arch

(Required with immediate dentures)

Package includes post-ops, up to four sets of temporary soft-liners during the healing process within the first 12 months, and finalizing the dentures after healing is complete.

**Starting at $95 with purchase of an immediate denture package.


A denture is a prosthetic appliance designed to replace lost teeth and oral tissues. Custom fit dentures will enhance your smile by being made to resemble in color and shape your natural teeth. Dentures improve speech, chewing, and digestion compared to being edentulous (without teeth).

A partial denture may be used when some teeth have been lost, but some remain. A partial denture will enhance your smile and prevent your natural teeth that remain from shifting. 

complete denture replaces all of the teeth in an arch. 

An immediate denture is placed immediately after surgery that removes teeth or root tips. As mouth tissues shrink and heal, the dentures will be adapted to ensure a comfortable fit. During the first year wearing an immediate denture a patient can expect to have periodic adjustments and soft-liner replacements. At Dentures Plus, the price of our Immediate Denture includes the Immediate Care Package so that adjustments, soft-liner replacements, and after denture finalization, are provided without additional charges. We want you to come in for adjustments, because we want you to have a comfortable denture experience. 

Replacement dentures are for current denture wearers, or people who have not had teeth for some time. Again, there is not an additional fee for denture adjustments at Dentures Plus during the initial 90 days after receiving a new denture. Adjustments on replacement dentures are infrequent after the initial two weeks, but we want you to come in for adjustments as needed, because we care about your comfort. 

How Do Our Dentures Compare to Those of Competitors


At Dentures Plus we exclusively use top quality teeth in all of our dentures. 

We offer three lines of teeth with shape and color shade options within each line. Today's modern prosthetic teeth are multilayered with remarkable natural color, translucency, and durability.

Our Premier denture uses a Kulzer Mondial tooth that is one of the highest quality and most esthetic tooth lines. Our Premier line  of teeth are made with multiple layers blended to produce a translucence normally found only in natural teeth. They are made with patented Flexecure for the highest resistance to fracture, abrasion, and plaque. Mondial teeth have a durability rating of 12 years. 

All dentures crafted at Dentures Plus are warrantied against breakage or tooth loss during the period of the denture warranty with normal wear and use. Our most economically priced dentures have a full year warranty. 

Processing Methods

We use Ivoclar Vivodent ProBase acrylic in our denture base. This is a high quality acrylic with outstanding flow and moulding properties, accuracy, shape and color stability. We use a hyrocolloid processing system that reduces the distortion of the dentures processing method compared to the traditional boil-out method, providing a more accurate fitting denture product. 


Each patient is unique so experience is crucial when crafting a denture. Both Dr. Knewtson and our head lab technician have worked in dental offices that craft same day dentures in-house since 2007. Their training and experience assure you of an excellent denture experience. We take our time with each step. We use wax denture try-ins to evaluate bite and esthetics, and have your approval of the wax-up before the denture is processed.


Alterations and improvements can be made in the wax-up stage. The wax-up stage is important to your comfort with the appearance of your dentures. At delivery of the denture, we ensure the best fit possible. We encourage you to return for adjustments, with no additional fee, should you experience discomfort wearing your dentures. (It is not uncommon to discover a spot that needs slight adjustment after a day or two wearing a denture.) 


Dentures Plus crafts high quality dentures that will last for many years. We are able to offer superior warranties because we use high quality materials and methods and have extensive experience crafting dentures. We warranty our dentures against breakage or tooth loss during the period of the denture warranty with normal wear and use. 

We give our best effort to each individual. We do everything that we can to ensure that you are completely satisfied. If we cannot meet your expectations with your new set of dentures, we will be happy to refund the money you paid for your dentures in exchange for the dentures that we made within 90 days of purchase. 

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