Before Surgery


Prior to your dental surgery you will have the opportunity to address any concerns you might have during your pre-op appointment. We encourage you to ask questions and make us aware of any fears you might have. Our main goal is to create a secure, comfortable environment for our patients on the day of surgery so the more you communicate with us, the easier we can accommodate your needs. The following guidelines are meant to serve as reminders in helping you prepare for your dental surgery. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our practice.


Leading Up to the Day of Surgery


We use local anesthesia at our office (not general anesthesia).   We do not therefore recommend fasting before your appointment.   We would prefer that you eat your regular meals and drink your regular water as this will help to keep you comfortable and reduce nausea sometimes associated with local anesthesia and antibiotics.

If you are taking physician prescriptions or over-the-counter vitamin or other supplements, please discuss this with your dentist when your treatment plan is developed.  Your dentist and physician may need to consult about your medication regime before dental procedures can be done.    

Patients may continue taking the following medications prior to surgery:

            - Cardiac medications

            - Pulmonary medications

            - Steroids

            - Anti-seizure medications

            - Anti-Parkinson’s medications

Medications that patients should not take are MAO inhibitors, anti-depressants, aspirins, anti-coagulants, and anti-inflammatory drugs. We request that patients stop taking these medications at least two days prior to surgery because they can create complications during dental surgery.

Patients are not to consume alcoholic beverages or use tobacco products within 24 hours of their appointment and are asked to refrain from drinking or smoking for 24 hours after their surgery.

Day of Surgery


Patients having multiple teeth removed should have a licensed driver take them home after their appointment, and we prefer that you are accompanied by someone for at least 12 hours after your surgery.

We prefer that you wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes.

If you have any change in health in the 24 hours before your appointment, please contact the practice immediately. A cold or fever with chest and sinus congestion may affect surgery so it is important that our practice is made aware of the situation. If it is necessary to reschedule your appointment, we will do so.

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