COVID-19 Precautions


Dental Care Continues

As part of the community attempt to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the American Dental Association recommended that elective dental procedures be postponed until after April 30th.  In returning to a more typical scheduling of dental patients beyond this date, we continue to be sensitive to the possible dangers of the COVID-19 virus, especially for the more vulnerable in our communities.  

Dentures Plus is open and prepared to treat your dental needs.  

Your oral health affects your overall health.  It is important to treat dental decay or infection in a timely manner.

Infection Control in the Dental Office

It is standard care for your dentist and dental staff to maintain a clean environment with infection control systems as routine care for each patient.  Dental offices are NOT experiencing a shortage of supplies.  Patterson Dental and other suppliers continue to provide dental supplies, including sterilization and infection control supplies.  

You may see infection control measures repeated with increased frequency, or personal protective wear beyond normal areas.  For example, you may notice doors or other surfaces in the general reception area being cleaned more often.  Please be gracious to others for any discomfort this may cause you, as it is done out of a sense of abundance of caution for others. 

We are scheduling appointments to flow smoothly from the reception area to clinic area.  If it is your preference to wait in your vehicle and walk directly to the dental chair, just call our front desk.  

If you are experiencing a fever, or flu-like symptoms, please reschedule your appointment.  

Call us at 913-227-0466 for further information about your dental care.

Combining Function And Beauty

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